Jane Seymour Collection

Michael Amini and Jane Seymour, A Design Collaboration

Actress Jane Seymour partnered with renowned furniture designer Michael Amini to create a stunning line of top-of-bed fashions, and an extension line of accent pieces. This new creative collaboration has been enormously successful under the brand name Michael Amini and Jane Seymour, A Design Collaboration. You too can now own these special pieces and view them in our showroom today!

Melrose Plaza Collection

Glam with a contemporary twist, Melrose Plaza is the picture of celebrity style. This collection features brilliant crystal accents, glossy finishes, and clean lines that bring a vibrant, vogue edge to every luxury home.

The perfect mix of modern Glam and Old Hollywood style, this special collection is guaranteed to elevate your chic home. Premium upholstery, frames and crystal accents will bring a diamond glow to your space.

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