Magniflex Mattresses


Back in the 1960's Giuliano Magni created his first mattresses in a small workshop. It was the beginning of a journey which later on turned into a revolution. Giuliano's sophisticated craftsmanship was combined with the most innovative ideas on rest and wellbeing. Since then, Magniflex has been helping over 50 million people fall asleep better, thanks to the solutions and models designed to meet the needs of comfort, relaxation and health.

Over the last 50+ years, the passion for research and investment in innovation, design and state-of-the-art production systems have made Magniflex into the universal symbol of bedtime comfort and wellbeing.

Magniflex MagniStretch

One of Magniflex’s most popular mattresses, the MagniStretch, recently received an endorsement by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) as a superior mattress for back support and comfort. Magniflex is the only mattress company endorsed by the ACA.

The MagniStretch was developed with a leading orthopaedic research team at Zaragoza University in Spain and given an exclusive patent for its mattress technology. The MagniStretch gently stretches and elongates the spine during sleep to alleviate back and neck pain. It also uses the pressure exerted by the body to move the two sets of inclined foam sections in opposite directions. This movement gently stretches and decompresses the spine by increasing the space between vertebrae, increasing blood flow and alleviating pain.

Combined with a focus on ventilation and breathability, the mattress features a heat-regulating fabric, Outlast, which was specially designed for astronaut space suits. The special fabric contains millions of spheres made from a special wax that melts at a temperature of 36 degrees. When the night-time temperature of the body rises, the excess heat is absorbed, but when the temperature drops below the melting point, the spheres regain their shape and firmness and release the accumulated heat.

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